Welcome to the Gamemaster-Organizer

What is this?

I love to be a gamemaster but I am sometimes really forgetful. My notes for session-preparation can be long and chaotic, so I often overlook something.
I thought it might help to have everything in one place, when I need it, and like that the idea of the GM-Organizer was born.

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Make it one more!

Adventure Management

You can create events that your players may encounter and connect them in any order you want.

Save links to music and ambient-sounds. Note location, time and important NPCs of your scenes, so you always have them when you need them.

For any Pen&Paper System

Everything is optimized to be used with virtually any System out there. You can choose from some of the most known or create you own Systems.
(System-creation is not yet implemented but is coming soon. I promise)

Questions and suggestions?

There is a Discord-Server where you can ask questions about this app, report bugs and request features you think might help you or others.

I'd be happy to hear your ideas, to make this tool to the ultimate GM companion.

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Is this free to use?

YES! I just want other people to use this software without them having to pay anything. You will never have to pay any money and you won't pay with your personal data, too. This Website doesn't use any cookies except those absolutely necessary for this application to work. So no ad-cookies :D

If you really, really want to give something of financial value to help me pay my web-server bills, you can donate some money over paypal. While it's not necessary it's highly appreciated.


Want to help even more?

If you want to participate even more in the development of this app I would appreciate your help. I could use software developers or graphic designers (I have big plans with nice illustrations) or anything else you think might help.

Just send me a message to jannis@fieml.com or message me on the discord-channel.

What technology is used?

This app is written in php and uses the framework Laravel.
I also use a really nice Admin-Backend Backpack for Laravel, which I am allowed to use free of charge. If you use Laravel and don't want to program a CRUD-System for your application from scratch, I highly recommend to check them out.

The frontend partially uses Vue.js. The overall template uses Bootstrap as a base but is generally designed by myself. (my own website is currently just in german, sry)